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Number of tabs submitted: 856
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Registered: 6 years ago


Bass player, screenwriter, illustrator, movie buff and proud papa of one. Pretty much sums me up.

I'm not currently taking private requests. Please direct all requests to the request page (link above).

All of my tabs are originals, written by me. Any similarities between my tabs and any others are purely
coincidental. All of my tabs are based on original album versions unless otherwise noted. I also embed
Youtube videos with each of my tabs (when available) so that you can hear the song while following the
tab. If you happen across a broken video link in any of my tabs, please message me and I'll replace it
if possible.

I'm currently going back through some of my older tabs and reformatting them in an effort to make
the more crowded ones easier to read. This primarily means opening spaces between crammed 16th
notes. I will also stop notating note duration, as this clutters up the tab as well, and duration can be
discerned easily enough by notations such as rest, sustain, staccato, etc, and the note's placement
above the counter I include beneath each staff. I have over 800 tabs so obviously it's going to take
a while, but if there's a tab you're anxious to learn but I've not reformatted yet, just message me here
on BBT and I'll put a rush on it for you.

(Note that this doesn't represent every tab I have in progress, only those I'm closest to finishing)
Green = Submitted, pending publication
Blue = From the request list

NOTE: I'm currently in the process of relocating, so all tabs I originally had listed as in-progress
will be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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