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Number of tabs submitted: 1070
Number of posts on the forum: 1938
Number of threads started: 29
Registered: 11 years ago


Bass player, screenwriter, illustrator, movie buff and proud papa of one. Pretty much sums me up.

All of my tabs are originals, written by me. Any similarities between my tabs and any others are purely
coincidental. All of my tabs are based on original album versions unless otherwise noted. I also embed
Youtube videos with each of my tabs (when available) so that you can hear the song while following the
tab. If you happen across a broken video link in any of my tabs, please message me and I'll replace it
if possible.

I'm currently going back through some of my older tabs and reformatting them in an effort to make
the more crowded ones easier to read. This primarily consists of widening the staffs and adding
spaces between cramped notes, but the notes themselves won't be changed (unless I've discovered I
tabbed them incorrectly the first time).

I've also decided to remove duration notations, as these also lead to the tab being overly convoluted.
Besides, duration can be discerned easily enough by the note's location above the counter I provide
beneath each staff. I have over 1,000 tabs so it's going to take a while to update those I feel need it.
So don't be surprised if you revisit a tab and find that it looks different from the last time you viewed it.

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