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Number of tabs submitted: 783
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Registered: 5 years ago


Bass player, screenwriter, illustrator, movie buff and proud papa of one. Pretty much sums me up.

Due to users not rating the tabs they requested, I won't be taking or filling any requests for the time
being. If folks start rating them, I'll start filling them again.

All of my tabs are originals, written by me. Any similarities between my tabs and any others are purely
coincidental. All of my tabs are based on original album versions unless otherwise noted. I also embed
Youtube videos with each of my tabs (when available) so that you can hear the song while following the
tab. If you happen across a broken video link in any of my tabs, please message me and I'll replace it
if possible.

I make a point or revisiting my tabs to make sure I didn't miss any errors before posting. But I'm not
perfect, and sometimes one will slip right by me – a wrong notation here, a missed repeat symbol there,
maybe some clunky formatting that makes the tab a chore to read. Don't be surprised if you notice changes
in a particular tab since the last time you viewed it.

(Note that this doesn't represent every tab I have in progress, only those I'm closest to finishing)
green = Submitted, pending publication

The Sheepdogs - Nobody
Ghost - Faith
Ghost - Life Eternal
Metallica - Orion
Guns N' Roses - You're Crazy
Queen - Bicycle Race

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