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Robert Trujillo is a terrible bassist compared the others

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“Thought i'd check this site out and see what was going on. The first thread i check out is some verbal crap about Robert Trujillo's quality as a bass player in metallica. Total horse manure!”

Very funny mayhem
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I didn't insinuate that you don't know of any quality bassists, so you are wrong on that! I'm sure you know lots of them. To say Robert is a terrible bassist just sounds dumb and mean. He may not be of Cliff Burton's calibre but then probably no bassist is going to knock Cliff off his pedestal in your eyes.
Cliff is dead, the band moved on. Metallica have evolved over the years with their music and other bass players. Robert is part of that and the band like what he does or he'd have been replaced by now.
johnny [staff]
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I can't get that link to work. Punk it up by Infectious Grooves

I fixed your link. There were some smileys that were screwing up links that had =S or =O inside like the query string in your URL. So from now on only smileys with colons for eyes work
I suppose if Metallica are happy with Robert then we should be too!
bass freak
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I agree, it's all up to Metallica in the end.
Nah Cliff just beats Jason and Robert to me. Geddy Lee, Tom Araya, or Flea would have to be one of my favorites above all
James even said in an interview, “ We chose Rob because nobody had played Battery like that except Cliff.” For those who don't know, Battery is the song that landed Rob in Metallica.
Trust me, they shouldn't be kept alive. James Hetfield has horrible vocals and never been a fan of Kirk
I don't see you boasting a degree from Berkley (James), on having lessons from guitar god Joe Satriani (Kirk)under your belt. But we all like who we like.
I could say the same about Marilyn Manson, of whom I have never, ever been a fan, but I don't take it upon myself to trash him every chance I get. As for Metallica, I've been with them since Kill ‘em All, and the interesting but flawed experiment St. Anger aside, I’m of the belief that Het and Co. can do no wrong. I even liked their so-called “sell out” era with the Load and Reload albums. Yeah, Hetfield's voice has slipped but the dude has spent the last 30 + years growling his throat raw, so I can overlook it. As for Kirk, that dude can shred, plain and simple. He'd put 99% of most modern rock and metal guitarists to shame without half-trying.So, agree to disagree. Generation gap and all that.
They are one band that proved you can sell out and still kick ass.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Seriously?!?! we're still talking about this and know we're getting kirk and james involved. aw hell nah, im putting on my gloves bro. Listen seriously metallica is one of the icons of why we just want to pound on the guitar bass and drums while headbanging and theyre one of the reasons why when we were kids we wanted to rock. Dude im just saying an opinion is well heard as long as you dont you know criticize a band that has done so much in a short span of years.

Long live METALLCA !! (foreverheadbanging)

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