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Robert Trujillo is a terrible bassist compared the others

In the Metallica doc Some Kind of Monster, yes, it shows Twiggy auditioning to be the new bassist. So did the guy from Jane's Addiction. And so did many others. But as the band themselves said, everybody they saw seemed to be struggling to keep up – except Trujillo, who blew them away when he finger-played Battery. I believe it was Kirk who said “it hasn't been played like that since Cliff.”At any rate – DO you like the band? Because you've not really given the impression that you do. I believe you mentioned you like some of the stuff from the Cliff days, but didn't you also say they should all just die? That's not exactly something I would expect to hear from someone who claims to be a fan.
I think you are right Lon. Now that I've done some further research, I do believe that kirk said that. I stand corrected. Well played sir.

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