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The introductions thread!

Hia! I'm musicstew, I picked that name because I try and listen to all kinds of music that require talent to play (So anything other than that pop garbage.) I'm in a band called AntientEarth, like us on Facebook to hear a snipit of our demo.
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Steve, just started 2 months ago with a Fender PJ that I borrowed from my brother. Just grabbed a Peavey practice amp last night and learning how to play the Blues to start a very long journey……….
Hello all! I'm Gregor. I played bass and was a bass tech about 12 years ago and haven't picked one up in about 8 years. I am 35 and due to health issues I am permanently disabled and have been kinda bored so for valentines day my wife bought me a dean 5 string acoustic bass. I am pretty much starting over and this was the first website I found for bass tabs and I am impressed. Glad to be here and look forward to everything about this site!


Ps…I am using an iPad and cannot change my avatar…I hate beiber!
TheDude [staff]
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Ps...I am using an iPad and cannot change my avatar...I hate beiber!
Welcome, Gregor.

Just point me to the pic you'd like to have in your avatar and I'll set you up.

And yeah, we need to do something about this iPad thing, I know. Too many biebers around to enjoy the forum.
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Hello everyone! I've been wanting to play bass or drums since I was a kid.Now at 39 I finally got me a bass! It's a Fender Squire Jazz Bass. I've been playing guitar off & on for a while. Into rock,country,jazz just about anything & everything.
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Alright how do I get rid of this avi pic? Seriously NOT a bieber fan!
johnny [staff]
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I think this is becoming the forum with the least amount of default avatars
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I started playing bass at 15, but to my shame stopped when I was 25 (due to circumstances at the time)

I've now picked up my bass for the first time in 15 years, and I'm realising just how much I missed it.

I'm going to start from scratch again, and going to treat myself to a brand new Aria IGB-68 (though why the left handed one is more expensive than the right handed one is a mystery)
Hello all.
Recently bought a Ibanez acoustic-electric bass after a 4 year hiatis. I started playing when I was 11, with a stand up bass and soon picked up an electic. I'm 21 now, and i'm playing like I never put her down.
I'm hoping this site can introduce me to some cool, new bass lines. I'm pretty impressed so far, so please keep it going.
johnny [staff]
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hey rsguthrie!

do you still play the stand up bass as well? I'm very fascinated by them

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