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The introductions thread!

No,I only played the stand up in middle and high school. It's what i started with and it introduced me to the bass and all instruments, for that matter.
hay iam cookie monster got my first bass 2 years ago washburn still haveing a hard time learning the tabs but iam geting there i love all music dosnt matter wat type as long as it has a good beat to it
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Hi,I have been playing guitar for 30+ year and just started playing bass doing Ok but you pick up some habits with the guitar that don't Help
Hey everybody im LucDaRocka1, ive been playing bass for about 2 years…. i have a few youtube videos if u search LucDaRocka1. i have a ibanez starter pack bass, that ive customized to my liking, an acoustic ibanez bass, an upright bass that i play in our school orchestra, and i also have two guitars; one is an oscar shmidt by washburn hollowbody, the other is a teiso tulip thats special because it doesnt even have the tulip design on it, its straight from the production line…… i also have a alesis electric drum kit that i mess around with, but my main instrument is bass…..
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I'm Fred. Been playing off and on for 30 years. Early days it was guitar and drums (I love both) but bass is my calling as it has the rythm of drums and melody of guitar. The bass player is the unsung hero that holds the music together. Your audience may not realize the importance of the bass, but I garantee the band members do.
Hi all Bob here been playing bass for about 15 yrs now guitar and mandolin also. no band at the moment doing a little studio work.
I'm hipsterproblems, I started to play bass this winter, I'm in a small band. I like Grunge, Ska, and oddly enough, nerdcore hip-hop.
Hello All…
Frank here…been playing bass since the early 70's
currently playing in two Jersey Shore bands
Hello all my bass loving new friends.

I played guitar and sang for rock bands all through highschool and my early 20's. 20 years later of just noodling around on my acoustic I got a chance to sit in a couple of times with a garage band singing a few songs and playing guitar. They committed to a gig and the bass player didn't want to do it, and never really learned the songs to the rest of the bands satisfaction…so I volunteered and 10 days later played our first gig together. That was a month ago, still working hard to learn all the songs for our gig every other week and having a blast.
Is there a post thread for tab requests? Been looking for a good TAB on Jean Genie by Bowie. There is one posted here but it only includes the stuff I already figured out by ear and leaves out all the tough stuff.

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