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The introductions thread!

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Great screen name, Classic Rocker. I too am a classic rocker who started gigging again in my 40s. We only gig about once a month but we're still having a blast. I love it when a 20-something audience appreciates some classic tunes by the Beatles, CCR, the Stones, etc.
Howdy. New to this site, so thought I'd introduce myself. A month ago, right before my 45th birthday, I decided to learn to play bass. So, off to my local music store I went, returning home with a Squier VM Jaguar Special SS bass and Line 6 LowDown 110 amp.
The rest, as they say, is history. Well, not quite, though progress is being made. Finding this site was a boon, though. Plenty of great lessons and exercises, and tons of tabs to practice.
hey im rob new here and i have just started playing bass and i must say this site has helped in so many ways. so thank you for creating it. keep rocking.
Hi! I'm Mike. I've been playing for 15 years. I'm currently playing a Fender Aerodyne J Bass, a Fender Jazz Standard, and an Epiphone Thunderbird. I feel it's the bass players job to hold a song together, and keep everything moving. I do enjoy flashy players, but I really respect people who know that it is also important to know when not to play.
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Yo everyone! I am new to bass, been playing for 1 year, and I LOVE IT! I run with a Fender Jaguar PJ. Bassists drive music! Rock on! And let the 80's live on! Yeah!
Hello everyone
I just recently found this site, I had been wondering what happen to bassmasta, so glad you are here.
I've been playing bass for about 6 yrs, Mostly learning from books I been teaching myself. Seems a slow process but progress is being made I played my first real gig last night in my first real complete band. All other times I've played it's been at open jams or a band that had some sub member filling in for the spot that we hadn't been able to fill. They count too cause I still got stage experience but it was really cool to finally get my RHCP tribute band rolling with a complete roster.
Your site has been very helpful for me. thanks much
Hi, I'm Frank. And at 63 I just started learning the Bass. Seems this is one of the few sites I've come across with Bass Tabs. Sure hope this helps me. We're classic Rock n Roll Group. And tho I'veeard many of the songs, figuring the bass line by ear is really hard.
TheDude [staff]
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Hey Frank, glad you joined us.

I hope this site does help you out - but remember: if you're looking for stuff that isn't uploaded already, you can always use the forum to ask about it and someone will surely deliver.

And you really need to do something about that god-awful Justin Bieber avatar, man.
Hi,I'm Derek.At 49, I recently retired and am now trying to CORRECTLY play my Bass. I have an ESP and also a BC Rich. Got rid of a 5 string, I just didn't get into it. How do I put my photo on here ? I have been using this site and playing along with stuff on spotify at same time.It is a good workout.
Hola y'all.

I've been playing for 20 years or so (typing that makes me feel old!) But a lot of that time was more guitar focused. I got back into bass a few years back, and finally got the fretless I'd always wanted. It's a pain to master, but I love it.

Anyway, it be nice to have a lively forum for requests, I love figuring out new songs, and if it can help someone all the better!

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