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The introductions thread!

TheDude [staff]
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I'm just bumping this thread to the top because we've had quite a few new registrations and not many people have come here.

Speak up, children!
Hey everyone. Just recently found this site and am very glad I did!! Great tabs. Anyway Im Bryan and have been playing guitar since 1981 and started playing bass in 2006. I hope to see this site stick around seems to be a great place for all of us. C'ya B.
hey all, I just registered but have been using
this site for about 6 months. I requested a couple of tabs but never heard anything, wondering what's up ?
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 285
hey 1swright, welcome to the forum!

we've been fairly busy lately. some of the requests got filled, quite a few were just noted and later forgotten about.

the next modification to the site we make is that the request list is made public so anyone from the community can help out with submissions.

please bear with us, boys and girls.
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sup people, hi im a basslover of Mexico. I used to hang on bassmasta a while ago. Now i just have found this site. I play a Yamaha BBG5s trough a SWR amp.Im not good at bass but i love the sound, im playing with a experimental metal band .Sorry for my baaaaaad english . See ya!
Hi, Im Matt from Australia, i have been playing bass since to 80's, had my whole rig stolen long time ago, now have a new rig as my 9 year daughter is playing bass in her school band. i have found a renewed interest in playing again.

Silent Planet
johnny [staff]
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9 year old daughter playing bass in a band - you're doing right as a parent!
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Hi all,
I have been playing bass for about 10 months. My fiance taught me the basics and pretty much after that i'm self taught.
I have an encore 4 string bass.(A gloss black, small bodied fender precision replica)
I'd always wanted to play as a kid but my parents were pretty harsh and thought I'd give up after they invested so I finally picked up a bass when I was 21.
I play all sorts of music, at the minute I have a RHCP Flea obsession and teaching myself slap.
I don't play in a band, I just jam with my other half.
When i'm not playing bass I am listening to bass!!
Much <
hey y`all…i just found this website…awesome!
i am of 56 years, and just decided to learn the bass. picked up a fender precision and bronco 40 amp. i never thought i would learn how to read music, but here i am. the tabs make it easy to convert to the bass scale.
just goes to show ya, one is never too old to learn. i should have done this years ago…so much fun. many thanks to the folks who created this website…you are much appreciated.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 285
Hey Doodles and murdox55, welcome to Bigbasstabs! It's good to have you with us.

You desperately need to change your avatar though.

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