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Old Music (70's 80's) or New Music?

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Well Lon, that proves that real talent will shine through as Timberlake did for you & also that you have an open mind & accepted his talent rather than dismiss it as others might.
bass freak
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I try to be open minded about any artist, especially if i've never hear any of their music. Once listened to, then i can pass judgement. Justin Timberlake has put a couple of really good tunes that have caught my attention. It's nice to be surprised as I thought could never be possible. Nice to see other people in here share the same experience.
I can't stand that guy's voice in REM. It's so annoying. But on another side, we have never landed on the moon. Just saying
Even though y'all were talking about the song I decided to tell you that most things funded by the government are conspiracies
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Most guvernment people are actually body-snatching aliens and Islamic jihadis in disguise and deepcover Soviet agents waiting for Stalin's clones to be activated. I learned that being home schooled in Missouri, USA, land-of-the-free-to-be-an-idiot.
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i will admit. Justin Bieber is talented and he is canadian as well i am canadian.
i think he has a general passion for music buut i think money and the system and being a tool is more to his liking then anything and it is a waste for sure.
I don't hate the brat. i think he is a tool and when he got picked from the stupid youtube hat. he thought money and bad boy and it sent him down that slippery path. never will i be a fan of him lol but i think he is wasting a talent that he has for maybe something that is not our generation but maybe if he did it his own way like Justin Timberlake it would be different for him but that will never happen. Justin Timberlake is already supposte to be a role model to the boy as fa as i know and well. thats shows lol
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ICP are under rated. I agree with Loudlon my listening habits are sort of diverseas well but i liked “Let's go all the way” i thought it was catchy and pretty good.
ICP are not the worst out there. if you read there history there own music saved there asses from alot of bad shit. Yes they are considered the worst group in the world but they are not lol far from it.
There lyrics are quite violent lol but there is a postivie message for most of it.
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I will admit that i didn't mind Sexyback because it was Catchy and had a good sound and if i hear every now and again, i don't mind it.
I would love to see Timberlake play Guitar tho and see how that turns out
I ain't homeschooled and yes that's true. It is the land to be an idiot
LoudLon [moderator]
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I don't think anyone should call any band the worst until they've heard G.G. Allin's music. His stuff is so god-awful that he makes ICP look like Kelly Clarkson. Anyone who's familiar with him knows I speak the truth.

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