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Old Music (70's 80's) or New Music?

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How many out that miss what some would call REAL MUSIC and what would it be like today if it was back?
70s was the golden age of the bands. You knew every member of the band and what instrument they played. They rocked. Some still do. I'll take that over a singer with a backing track any day
I flow back and forth, depends on the mood I'm in or the Genre of music I'm listening to.
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I'm reading this thread while Boston's “Cool the Engines” play on my computer. :}
Thats the way to do it.
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Thank you CheekyChuck. The Golden age of music and bands from hair metal to just rock or even prog rock was the best and i don't know what to think of some of the music that is out there now. espically dopstep or whatever it is called. in my humble opinion i cannot call that music
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What would be everyones ALL TIME FAVOURITE band from the 70's 80's?
If I'm like pissed off or just in the mood for music Manson or Korn. Other than that I usually listen to Kings Of Leon, Cooper, Crüe, and Zeppelin. So I like to mix things up. Not all of today's music bothers me. There's some pretty cool rock bands
All time favorite? KISS!!!!!!
Kiss, Ozzy, Skynard, Meat Loaf, Dio, Tesla, Eagles, Motley Crue. At least that's what I listened to in the 70s and 80s. Big hair!!
bass freak
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I would love for music to get back to reality like it was in the 60's/70's & 80's. Even the 90's. You had Vinyl, you had CD, you had real bands playing real music. I love nostalgia!

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