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Old Music (70's 80's) or New Music?

LoudLon [moderator]
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I miss the singer/songwriters and guitar-heavy rock of the ‘70s.

The spectacular and inventive pop music of the ’80s.

The indie bands, coffee-shop rock, and alt-rock of the ‘90s.

But I don’t miss shit about the '00s.
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Lon, you pretty much hit the nail on the head
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I totally agree with Lon about the 80's!
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Don't get me wrong but you guys sound like a bunch of old farts. Lol….the 00's had some really great music. You had outkast finally getting recognized as the baddest hip hop group ever. Eminem came out blazing, kanye west was really good when he first came out. Gnarls barkley albums were just ridiculously good. The hives, white stripes, Franz Ferdinand, kings of Leon (the radio play is garbage, but theiralbum music is tight) . You had beyonce come into her own, Justin timber lake, Amy whinehouse, Rihanna. And my guilty pleasure Britney spears. Yes , marketing yourself as a tramp or big pimp is part of the game now but if you get passed that the music is not as bad as you think. My mom was a disco, salsa, merengue queen. Maybe that's why I'm a sucker for dance music.

Good majority was bad but you can say that about any decade. There was some god awful shit in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
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I agree with Loudlon for sure. I don't miss shit about 2000's. god what was that band Aqua i think and that horrible song barbie gurl. god she sounded like she was sucking on a hose and someone somewhere called that music and that is was awesome
It was the Singer/Songwriters that were amazing. good Example Eddie Money, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen. They created REAL music
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There is no hard work used anymore to create good music like it was and now it is “hey that dude looks hot” give him a million dollars and we can make money off him because of little teenage females. thats not music or song writing at all and its really sad. American Idol Season 3 is THE BEST example of this generations bad music William Hung. his audution for american idol was cut short in 2 seconds for a REASON and some idiot out there gave him a record deal so they could make fun of him and gave him a million dollars to say stand there in this video and look stupid.

sorry dudes for posting this shit but this is my point. this is what music has became

See Twig and Lon know their music. Those were BANDS back then. Who plays guitar for Spears, who is Rhiannas drummer, Beyonce bassist? The answer is who cares. That's music today. Sure they are good singers and look good, but it's them and a computer generated backing track. Milli Vanilli could've been rich nowadays.
LoudLon [moderator]
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There's an argument to be made that a singer's voice IS their instrument, but even an amazing voice can't make up for an inability to write a song. Just Beiber has a good voice, sure, but what does he sing? “Baby, baby.” “No, no, uh!” “Whoa-oo, whoa-oo.”

See, there's a big difference between a little poser like Beiber and someone like, say, Justin Timberlake. With Timberlake, he's got the voice, he's got the dance moves, blah blah – but that dude can strap on a guitar and play it like a virtuoso. Prince was one of the biggest pop stars of the 80s, had the voice, had the moves – but he could also play, MASTERFULLY, just about any instrument you put in his hands.

I'd like to see Beyonce or Miley Cyrus strap on a guitar and shred it while singing and dancing at the same time, or Britney Spears perch herself on a stool with an acoustic bass guitar and belt out a playfully inventive love song like Adele. That shit's never going to happen.
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The ability to write a good song is hard work and hard work some more because when you hear it you want that person to remember you and the work you put into the song and my favourite female artist is a perfect example.
Justin bieber has a got a voice sure but he is a tool who got picked from a youtube hat to be a tool and handed a bunch of songs and said here sing this and make me some cash. which is not music he a poser for a tool who wants to make money off little teenage girls and that is sad.
he is not a musician. sure he can dance but he cannot pick up a bass guitar and belt out a smooth tune. no way. no my favourite female singer could and she could sing. play guitar and was sooo inspirational that i love her to this day. she was real and i wish she was still here to this day
Justin Timberlake sure is good at what he does but like the rest of them took an easy road to be something that is not musical at all and excepting money just to be paid more to make an ass or yourself is not music at all. Miley Cyrus thinks she is a big star because her dad is famous for ONE song that i can remember but what does she do swings naked on a ball and chain just to attract attention.
My favourite female artist is the beautfiul Janis Joplin
and this song even after 30 years makes me so happy when i hear it and that is music and it makes me want to be such an amazing musician.


this is a beautiful song and unlike justin bieber i want to listen to this song anytime and anywhere because its nooo baby baby what ever the hell.
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I blame Disney.

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