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Old Music (70's 80's) or New Music?

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I agree about The Chemical Brothers, they were awesome! Normally not my kind of music but along with Prodigy changed my opinion on that type of music. And yes it was all in the 90's!
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Blur were 90's who gave Oasis a run for their money !!!!! So were The Chemical Brothers born in the 90's !!!
Twiggy! Aqua - Released their first single in 1995. Barbie Girl a huge hit in 1997. Split up in 2001 but have since reformed.
Twiggy! - 'N Sync were formed in 1995, split in 2002.
Twiggy! - Moist 1992 - 2000! Anyone in your list that were a proper 00's band?
Twiggy! The Tea Party another band from the 90's
bass freak
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So what you are saying is lovetheeighties, Twiggy's list isn't totally accurate?
What gave it away?
johnny [staff]
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I believe that time is a great filter. In thirty years we'll only remember good stuff from today's music. (I believe there is some.)

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