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People my age so ignorant with music

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The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Tedeschi Trucks, Sam Roberts, Danko Jones… there's some stuff in the past few years I can get in to.
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It's not simple minded and ignorant to cite a preference, Link'. The arrogance of youth, indeed…

Totally agree Lon
LoudLon [moderator]
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Link, it's totally possible for hordes of people to like something that sucks. The movie Avatar immediately springs to mind. All sizzle, no steak. Which pretty much sums up modern pop music for me. There will always be an exception but for the most part, pop music today pales in comparison to pop music of previous decades.

Also, going back to your Miley Cyrus/Metallica thing, if Miley Cyrus has 8 million whatever it's because she prances about like a whore with her tongue flopping around to make up for the fact that her music sucks. Metallica doesn't. All they're selling is their music, not a fabricated image. And unfortunately, the age group Cyrus caters to is more impressed by a young chick shaking her ass than good music. Do you really mean to tell me Molly Cyrus DESERVES her success, based on her music? Because if that's what you're saying, I would put very little stock in your general opinion from here on in, kiddo. It's like saying Paris Hilton deserves her fame because it requires a great amount of skill to blow a dude in a hotel room. If that were true every prostitute walking the street would go home at night to their mansion in Beverly Hills.

There's musical ability, and there's making up for a lack of it by acting like a gutter slut. Only one of those results in good music, and here's a hint – it ain't the latter.
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I'm not saying she deserves respect for it even though it is hilarious when I argue she isn't controversial
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Party in the USA, it's a party in the usaaaaa

Baby, baby, baby oooooo

That's GOLD

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I created a community (I'm 15) in my high school for good music (mostly rock and metal) and surprisingly enough it really grew and we are now 45 members. So all hope about people knowing about good music is not lost
When I was about 12/13 i got into Alice Cooper really hard core. still am. I discovered so many rock bands over time, and my mom used to listen to classic bands like Lynard Skynyrd and zeppelin and AC/DC. So, I started doing it.
I started playing guitar, and then around 2009 i started bass. I'm way better at bass than guitar, but still. It got me into a lot of music. Alice opened so many doors for me. I've meet lots of great musicians that have inspired me, including ALICE HIM SELF. Man that guy is my hero. The best part? I'm 18 years old. And I'm happy to say, I hate justin beiber. Though I DO like playing SOME pop, but only if it's catchy. I mean, I'm a girl. C'mon. ;P
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ArizonaCrow, I'm better at guitar and enjoy it a lot more. But anyways Alice Cooper is my favorite classic rock band
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You like what you like. Taste in music, food, wine, color… Is so personal. I'm sure there are a lot of closet Beiber and Cyrus fans out there that scan the radio in their car and wiggle their ass to the songs that are becoming targets of social mockery. But you like what you like.

I don't understand a lot of today's music. The lyrics, the arrangements, the acceptance of what is “talent” these days. But I don't burn up too much of my time trying to figure it out.

Occasionally I'll hear something new that I like, then find out that I'm late to the popularity party and that particular song is now “uncool,” but I still like it.

You can't help what wiggles your ass. You like what you like.
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Right on Mark! It all boils down to one thing, what is it that makes you happy. It really doesn't have to be catchy or popular, as long as it makes you smile.

My tastes run a lot narrower than my wife's, though I will listen to it patiently, hoping to hear something that sparks my interest. It does once in a while, but my interests centers around the late 60's and early 70's, where there was no over production and lip syncing in live shows, just raw music.

If you follow your passion, you will find it.


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