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People my age so ignorant with music

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Not everything out today is crap, but in my mind most of it is. I know i'm geting old because most of the new stuff leaves me cold. I keep looking backwards to when music was so much better. There were proper musicians who could play an instrument not just a turntable. There were people who could sing, not just have an ability to talk in rhyme. There were people who had an ability to write a new song, not sample off every old record going. There are elements of what I have just said that are good and that are very clever, but it's a very small percentage. Music for the iPod generation sounds crap, everything is mastered to a poorer standard (the loud war) and we get ripped off in buying sub standard quality music. MP3's are not CD quality! As for the kids today, I really do feel sorry for them. They missed out on so much and what is on offer today is just so bland. To make it they all want to appear on the X Factor/American Idol to get famous. No thought of starting a band and playing live like the good old days!Young people today are ignorant but only because of the way music is presented to them. If they were offered it the old way it would still work. Luckily there are young people out there that look to the older music because they can appreciate quality & ignore the mass produced bile that is on offer to them right now. Those people are who i look forward to discovering in the future, people who i want to talk music with. Not sure how bright the future is but there are sparks and there are lights at the end of those tunnels

Excellent points mayhem, you speak the truth!
Man, you really shouldn't have told us your age. When I hear a 14-year-old drop an F-bomb, my first instinct is to tell them to watch their mouth LOL

Hahahaha when you are raised with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Manson that's what you'll get
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I was raised with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and I rarely say “@$!#.”

Ah, shit, I just did.

Son of a bitch, I just said “shit.”

Goddammit, I just said “son of a bitch.”

@$!# me, I just said “goddammnit.”

Aw, man…!
I was raised with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and I rarely say “@$!#.”Ah, shit, I just did.Son of a bitch, I just said “shit.”Goddammit, I just said “son of a bitch.”@$!# me, I just said “goddammnit.”Aw, man…!

Going to see Slayer, Exodus, and Suicidal Tendencies in May. Should be amazing. And Megadeth is the best band I've seen
Seven years in the military, a dozen more working underground as a miner, the last ten as a mechanic, plus my father was a long-haul trucker; I can swear… fluently, creatively, and at great length. In spite, or perhaps because of my background, it's very rare for me to do so.
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What branch, Strathadam? I was Army, 11 Bravo, 25th Infantry Division.
Army as well, Lon. MOC was 011 (Armored), with the Royal Canadian Dragoons.
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I was with the 5th Battallion, 25 Para
bass freak
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If we think the younger generation are ignorant of music today, I wonder what it will be like in 10 - 20 years time? We need young people like Bassguy1 to look into quality music & ignore the bland that is out there right now.
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I think once you hit a certain age you start to look back towards your youth & I'm no different. Some of todays music is okay but it's the odd song here & there. There is not one artist I can say that truly inspires me. I keep going back to my 80's collection which I'm finding I'm doing more often. I was lucky in my youth to have experienced such a wonderful variety of music! I think today the youth are getting ripped off.

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