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How did you get into bass playing?

I played guitar, still do, but rarely. In 2009 I bought my first Bass guitar, it was a squiar p-bass. I didn't really touch it, I had bought it out of randomness, something to just fool around with. Then I got serious when I met Alice Cooper's bassist Chuck Garric,(I met most of the band also, the drummer and another guitarist. And Alice, of course) he inspired me to play bass. He taught me that bass can be kick ass,too. You don't have to be a guitarist to be the coolest. And you can rock out the same, and make the best sounds. So then, I bought a ESP LTD Vintage-204, a step down from one of the bass guitars Chuck uses, and started to play, I have taught myself, and am at an intermediate level of play, Christmas of '12 I got a Sterling by MusicMan Ray 5 and am playing it as I type this! Bass us WAY funner to play than some six string guitar!
Some friends of mine i always love to jam out with made a band, and invited me to play bass for them. Although I have never played bass before the past few months or so, I've been playing guitar for a years, and became really close friends with these guys because we all just love to play music. So of course I was interested in learning a new instrument and being able to rock out with my buddies in front of a crowd. It's been going great so far and I love playing bass and still play guitar
It was my Freshman year of High School and I was in the Jazz Band as a Trombone player, but that wasn't working out because I play the Tuba. Ironically enough the bass plater at the time was a Trombone player and couldn't play bass very well, so we talked to the teacher and he let us try it. I picked up on bass fast and Got my first one about a year ago. It happened to be a 5-string and it turns out that I was the first and only kid in the school that had one. I've been going strong for two years and haven't looked back. Best thing I could of ever done for my self. And someday, if I have the money, I will upgrade to the Ibanez Fieldy K5.
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Cos my drumming was anti-social lol
I am a drummer.. I have been a drummer my whole life… my best friends a guitar player X bass player.. so I'm no stranger to the stringed instruments.. just have never taken the time to play 1.. I am a drummer have always been happy being the drummer… until 1 day well in the pawn shop I was smacked in the head by this sexy rolling flametop Peavey millenium bass guitar… she was just there whispering pick me up…. when I did buy instantly fell in love with it. So I bought it and a small practice amp. I've played around with many bases but never 1 that felt this good in my hands like it was specifically designed for me! That was 6 months ago… anybody want to buy a used drum set? I have no plans on going back….. and no I don't know why the picture of me is Justin Bieber
Hey Ex drummer I'm interested in the drums for my cousin.
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All down to John Taylor from Duran Duran!
Used to play Guitar but kinda sucked at it. lacked motivation to get some practice. My friend wanted to start a band (he played guitar…very good) he wanted me to be rythme guitar. we were looking for a bassist so out of curiosity I checked some bass playing and it looked fucking awesome so I bought a bass and now all we need is a drummer to start the band
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I always wanted to play a bass guitar. I bought one when my friends wanted me to support their instruments with some bass. xd
My brother had an old busted red first act bass and I used to play around with it. Then I grew up and saw that regular guitars were overrated and finally bugged my mom to get me my own. 4 weeks and 200$ later I had my blue silvertone 4 string and some lessons. Been playing ever since.

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