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How did you get into bass playing?

bass freak
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Cookies: Darcy from the Pumpkins was & still is very cool.
dpdlaw@sbcglobal.net: I take my hat off to you Sir! 72 & still rockin'!!!
From listing to Orion by Metallica. i love the bass solo, and the riffs that follow.
I played drums for about 6or7yrs and gave them up for the streets BIG mistake I saw a kid on his porch fooling around on a fender jazz and asked him to sell it to me, he said he couldn't it belong to his father! I was kidding with him but he said they had one he would sell me for a $125 I'll take it… It was a Gibson Epiphone rocktron or something like that. I did not know I would fall in love with it that was 12yrs ago I'm 50 now and 300+ songs later and 4 basses. I'm in a band called Best Kelp Secrete. I played in a rock band for 4yrs music is endless inever had a teacher but can hold my own on stage
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too many guitar players
Ive played lead since, forever. Make custom guitars and decided to had a go at bass. Pleased I did. Makes a nice change from making the axe scream.
Started playing guitar, but I felt like I had more creativity on a bass. Since Rush is my all time favorite band, I defiantly wasn't opposed to buying a bass either.
My kids got me a hofner for my 40th. Started taking lessons and love it. I have such a respect for bass players now.
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my fingers wouldn't cooperate with guitar chords so my pickin' buddies suggested bass. I still suck but I LOVE IT!
too many guitar players, generally underrated, backbone of the band, not as easy to play as most guitarists would say. It's easy to start playing, anyone can play an eight note on a bass but it's definitely harder to master.In general it's a great instrument with a long history behind it. Oh and Steve Harris got me to start playing bass since Iron Maiden was, is and will forever be my favourite band
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Nice site, just getting started playing but enjoying the challenge. Odd start, 15 year old son is a drummer, started a band with friends-no bass players in the area. Asked if I was interested, said sure and bought a guitar. I'm a 50 something playing in a group of 15 year olds, great time.

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