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How did you get into bass playing?

My band needs a bassist so we could record bass for albums. I didn't really want to because I don't want to sing and play live, can't do much like that. So I am just going to find a live bassist. Kinda odd I guess
I got into playing Bass when i realized that i know a lot of guitarist and only 2 Bassists and i wanted to learn some instrument but Banjos are more expensive so i decided to learn bass
Although a Banjo would be pretty legit….
mr zee
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Probably the only thing I've got Maggie thatcher to thank for. Was outta work for three years and besides trying to find a job spent a lotta time learning to play on a friends hofner veri thin semi acoustic. Thanks maggie
I got tired of playing the guitar =P
and my banjo…

@5 string guy ,

on banjos, price doesn't make for quality, go for sound, the best sounding banjo i have
only cost me 75 bucks. All i had to do was tighten the head and it was good to go.

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I have played guitar for a long time and went to a party where a guy was playing guitar and signing into a mic. Beside him was a bass that no one was playing so I picked it up and laid some bass down by looking at his chords. The next day I learned some tight licks (billie jean, schism, 46 &2, Cake's “I will survive”, some Rage, etc.). Now I work from home doing SEO and keep a bass by my desk (and get distracted whenever I hear a cool song on Spotify).
My brother is a musician( lead,rhythm and bass guitar,alto &tenor saxophone, banjo, harmonica , anything else he can get his hands on ) and got tired of dealing with other people's egos. Last year , he told me “ why don't you write down some of those songs you're always singing ” …i did… he put a basic rhythm guitar to it , and wanted me to learn bass. So I am.

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