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How did you get into bass playing?

johnny [staff]
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hahah that sounds cool what's the band called
LoudLon [moderator]
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Back in ‘97 I made a friend at a new job. We talked music, he said his band needed a bass player. I’d been tinkering around with guitar for a bit at that point, nothing serious, but I pulled a Nikki Sixx, lied my ass off and told my buddy “Hey, I play bass, no problem” – even though I'd never laid hands on one in my life – just so I could join his band. Bought a Fender bass that weekend, spent a few days learning some basic stuff, then faked my way through our get-togethers for a few months until I actually new what I was doing. After about a year, the other guys in the band said “Man, we need a rhythm guitarist.” So again I lied, said “no problem,” bought a six-string, became the rhythm player. Now here I am fifteen years later, and I've made the move back to bass. Didn't realize how much I'd missed it, and am surprised at how quickly I've re-adapted to it.
I wanted to be just like Geddy Lee hahaha!
When I was around maybe early 14, I had first laid ears on Primus. Absolutely blew me away! One day, my older brother gave me an acoustic bass. Boy, I was happy! I'm 16 now, and have been playing for 2 years. I'd say my biggest influences were/are Les Claypool of Primus and Flea of RHCP.
I now play in a band with my brother, and my friends say I'm very good. I'm not too good, I just play Get Up And Jump and it impresses them a lot haha.
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I started listening to GunsnRoses and got obsessed with Duff Mckagan's bass riffs,and after listening to Nirvana,RHCP and Metallica.I convinced my Dad to buy me a bass.I love playing bass,although alot of people in my country dont understand the importance of bass.I still love it and am looking forward to join a band.
Initially I got into bass because guitar had gotten too boring for me… I begun listening to Héroes del Silencio and Iron Maiden… now Thanks to bass, after just 10 months of playing I got meself a job in a local metal band… If any of you wanna hear covers of mine or some of my new material, jus' tell me!!!!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 915
sure steve, if you have youtube videos of your covers you can post them in this forum
I started playing bass .when I played my bro,s elec guitar and he smashed it over my arm .so I started playing bass .cuse bass guitars are bigger and heavy .true storie
I got into playing Bass when i realized that i know a lot of guitarist and only 2 Bassists and i wanted to learn some instrument but Banjos are more expensive so i decided to learn bass

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