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How did you get into bass playing?

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10 years ago
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TheDude [staff]
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My friends played, so I tried it out a bit. It was fun, the rest is history.
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A friends brother needed someone to practice with since his “regular” bass player couldn't make it…..i was 13yrs old and had been taking guitar lessons so he asked me to try a couple of songs……i was hooked! Almost 40 yrs later i'm still hooked!
Easy. Four fingers, four strings. Simple math. Besides it is sooooo much cooler than a tinny little six-string.
I needed an instrument to do ensemble work at university seen that both my first and second instruments are solo keyboard instruments.
So I started with bass in their jazz ensemble.
I am now actually playing the bass more than any other of my instruments at the moment.
My guitarist needed a bassist and I've come to really enjoy it.
When I was like 9 my older brother told me about bass. For some reason, it just seemed really awesome and different! A few years later, I got one for my birthday and I've loved it!
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Cliff burton, that is all.
Well, my friends and I were planning on making a band, and i decided bass is better so i chose it, but then no one else contributed, and now I'm the only one that plays their instrument.
well my friends and i were starting a band, and i thought that bass would be the best for me, but then one contributed and now I'm the only one that learned their interment well, i love it
went to a pawnshop with my dad when i was like 10 years old and someone was trying out a bass in the shop and i loved the way it sounded three years later i got my first bass from the same shop i'm 17 now still lovin it

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