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How did you get into bass playing?

I played rhythm guitar in our band years ago, and our drummer and bass player dumped us for some other guys full of empty promises, so in order to keep us going, I took up bass, and have been playing both ever since.
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Radar Love bass line did it for me. Once I picked up a bass I was hooked. Before playing I was strictly Rockabilly, now if it has a cool bass line or a groove Im on it. 5 months into it and I have 3 grand in 2 basses lol. That will stop immediately.
Watching Gene Simmons from the 3rd row on January 28th 1978.
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@bassmaster LOL I saw them in 78 too. Do you listen to JJ Brunell at all ??
Auto Technician/Parts guy with partial amputation of a left middle finger…can't reach chords like I used to…AND arthritis is quite the Bi-otch! LOL!
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@Jonywadd Play ramones, social D stuff like that. You can still rock.
Watching bass players such as Steve Harris, Phil Lynott, Geddy Lee, Lemmy etc.
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I picked up guitar because that's what all of my friends play, but I've always preferred that deep feel-it-in-your-bones bass rumble, so I saved up and bought a used Ibanez SR350 and I've been hooked ever since!
got in to our chuch band that needed a bass player
so i agreed to take the spot if they teach me to play so one 1 hour later i was playing a simple riff on the bass 1 day later i was playing a full song and reading bass tabs online 1 week later i was playing my first song to my church

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