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How did you get into bass playing?

I was 8 years old and wanted to play an instrument my uncle had an old bass and said “why not?” 50 years later I still enjoy playing even though I had a dry spell when I didn't play for about 20 years. I picked it back up and it felt like I never left this fantastic instrument. Bass is the backbone and backbeat of ANY band, I just love the guutsy tones and setting up some nice bass lines to complement the rhythm and lead!!!!!!!!!
When I was 19 years old I listened to Duran Duran, alot! I took a few lessons and did the whole Hollywierd thing! It was the best time I ever had!!!
About two months ago I got my bass!! The main reason was listening to JPJ on led zep tracks. Ten Years Gone was probably the song that got me. Could not be happier playing my bass.
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wanted to play an instument and got an acoustic guitar. never got into it. then a few years later was listen to metallica with my cousin and heard Cliff Burton and knew thats what i wanted to do.
Always loved the sound of the bass riffs in songs.
In 1969 my brother, who had been playing a Commodore semi acoustic guitar, wanted to start a band and asked/persuaded my to play Bass. I was 15 at the time. We bought an old Gibson SG bass as it was a shorter scale and easier for me to play. My brother taught me all that I needed to know to get by. We performed many gigs and made some money of course, then I wanted a Lambretta so my group activities came to an end. I gave all my SG to my brother with a Selmer 50watt amp and a twin 10 inch speaker cab. Oh, I wish I had them now. However, Santa bought me a new Fender American Precision Bass this Christmas, so I'm starting over. May need some help!
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Too many guitarists in my town want bassists in their bands and Bass is unique in that I only know a few people who play it …also I had this idea I could be Duff Mckegan or Nikki Sixx the only problem is I'm 14 and a girl haha
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I already played guitar for years and then I had the bassline to Cowboys from Hell in my head one day and it made me really want one. And Alice, don't let your age or gender stop you. There are plenty of girl bassists. You may be 14 now, but by the time you're 16, that's another 2 years of playing experience.
It all started my freshman year of high school in jazz band. I was on trombone and wasn't doing well because I play the tuba. and the bassist wasn't doing well and he plays trombone so we switched. And Alice I agree with Dean. I was 15 then and I'm 18 now. You will get better. One of the best bassists I've heard in a girl. She plays for The Sick Puppies.
This year I realized that I have many friends who play lead guitar but like no friends who play bass. So I formed a band with me as its bassist. wish us luck!

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