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There once was a guy with a RicWho tried to play with a picHe had too much attackAnd threw out his backAnd now he walks with a stick
Very good !
There once was a chap with a jazzFrom down south, his name was GazHe says it looks greatHe told his best mateBut I don't like the sound that it has
Also very good. Poets all of you.
When the dragons grow too mighty, to slay with pen or sword,and I'm weary of the battle, and the storm I walk toward. When all around is madness, with no safe port in view,I long to turn my path homeward, to stop a while with you
Oh well, the night is long, the beads of life pass slow, Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow. The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath, The drums will shake the castle walls, The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.
I thought I would ad some Zep to your words to carry on the theme. Anyone else want to carry on Markos theme where I left off with lyrics from another band relevant to the theme to form a story ! I think this experiment could be interesting to see where it goes.
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When life becomes as barren, and as cold as winter skies,
There's a beacon in the darkness, in a distant pair of eyes.
In vain to search for order, in vain to search for truth,
These things can still be given, your love has shown me proof.

Neil Pearts' words not mine
Hold me my love. Hold me today call me round. Travel we say. Wander we choose love tune. Lay upon me, hold me around lasting hours. We love when we play. We hear a sound and alter our returning. We drift the shadows and course our way on home. Flying home. Going home. Look me my love sentences move dancing away. We join we receive. As our song memories long hope in a way. Nous sommes du soleil. Hold me around lasting hours. We love when we play. Nous sommes du soleil.
Mama take this badge off of me. I cant use it anymore. Its getting to dark to see. I feel im knocking on heavens door.
D|--------------7 9--9--7----- --7-5--- 9 7---|
A|----5 7--7 9-------7--5--0 5 7-----7 7 5
E|5 7 --------------------------------------[tabs]

Ok I thought it would be fun to mess with Markos lyrics and make a story out of it. I don't think that's gonna work. Here is one of my riffs I was going to send to Mr Zee that I could use some help on. I am not any good at tabing things out so I hope you get the jist of what I am playing and can add on to it. That would be great. Its not difficult I would just like to add on to the tune. The 57577979 I play fast and the chords and notes after slow to give you an idea. There is more but it repeats basically the same thing. That's where I need your help to move forward on this tune.
I had more of the tab written down and then realized I screwed the tab up. Variations on a theme anyhow. Add on if you will or ignore it. I have many more I could use help with. Some much better. I just don't know what to do with all of them. I am going to record them like I said but maybe I should just post them as fun tunes to screw around with for the new guys.
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I may be changing my mind on buying a jazz bass.

I might be falling in love with the 2018 Music Man Stingray Special. I'm not a fan of active electronics, but the tones on this thing are pretty amazing. And I like the wider neck on the Stingray more than the Jazz bass.

Does anyone know if the new Stingray can play as a passive bass without the batteries in the control box?

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