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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

Dear Prudence (Beatles) stands out for me. I can still see myself as a teenager, about 1980 or so, playing that song over and over, mesmerized.
Any bass line I couldn't get out of my head. Then Id soon be learning it.
Gezzer Butler ls my insperation from the first time I heard him play 69 to now.
Peace sells from Megadeth, at that moment I knew I had to play bass \M/
all iron maiden but good ol' longview by green day possibly
A high school friend introduced me to the Who. A bass player taking it beyond like Entwistle did was eye and ear opening! Later on the player I most wanted to emulate was Berry Oakley. Hard driving blues based rock like the Allman Brothers Band suited my rootsy preference.
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I have played the drums forever, but I now have an opportunity to learn the bass.
Krist Novoselic
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krist from nirvana, les claypool from primus,flea from red hot chili peppers, and shavo or how ever you spell his name from soad
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Krist Novoselic
hes such an amazing bassist, first song i learned was blew by nirvana

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