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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

For me, I just wanted some hobby, preferably an instrument to play. However, I wanted something more uncommon than piano or guitar (although that's what most people think is the most important instrument in the band). Now, I respect bass more than I used to and love playing it, even if I'm a newbie at it. So, what made you guys want to play bass?
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I didn't have any major inspiration for starting to play bass. Me and my bud, who play drums, wanted to start a band and I felt like I could play bass or guitar, I didn't really care. But we ended up finding a guitarist and I started playing bass and I loved it!
I'm glad I that we found that guitarist
TheDude [staff]
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I can't say I was really inspired by anthing either.

My friends played, I hung around while they did, it sounded pretty cool so I gave it a go.
johnny [staff]
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I'm primarily a guitarist, but I also play bass. Even in a band where I play guitar I often switch with the bassist

but what I find the most inspiring is hearing sick bass lines that you just HAVE to play!
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I started playing bass after seeing some Cliff Burton solos and knowing a little about his life. I can say that he was, and still is my inspiration
i started playin the doghouse bass after watchin the one n only paul (choppy) lambourne in mad dog cole at ace cafe ,got a few lessons about a years worth lol,now im jamin with someone cant wait till i get out there.
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Growing up I lived in Northampton, uk. The same place that Bauhaus came from. I used to see David J (the bass player) quite a lot and used to think how cool he was. Years later i wanted to learn an instrument and bought an acoustic guitar. It did nothing for me. It was then I realised that the music I listened to was bass heavy(Dub Reggae, Ozric Tentacles, The Clash ETC) so the bass was the only instrument for me. One of the few instuments when you play the sound can be felt as well as heard
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The ones
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I actually just started with bass. I like the bottom end. I play drums as well and I feel it is the next step for me.
I've always had a desire to learn the bass, I love the beat and was drawn to some bass players over the years as they are the glue for the band, they make the songs come alive.
You don't notice them until they stop playing.
couldnt really get a feel for guitar or play very well so i got a bass and find it is easy to learn but difficult to master.

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