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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

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i didnt have much inspiration but if i had any at all, it was Cliff Burton, and Flea
Paul McCartney was my ultimate inspiration but Roger Waters contributed!!
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Les Claypool Rules!
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Ray Brown was my inspiration, but I'd be surprised if any of the current generation knows about him. BTW, I play vertical bass, not horizontal.
Tried to learn guitar but it did not appeal to me. When I was growing up I lived close to David J of bauhaus and love all the bass heavy music and groups. Bauhaus, PIL, Dub Reggae. I found that with my 6 string I just kept playing bass lines on it. So Got the bass, not looked back, cool cool instrument!!
Dee Dee Ramone, and Flea
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Tom Hamilton's Sweet Emotion
it just feels right the guitar always felt too small
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hmm~ let me think
my inspiration is Paul Gray, and japanese bassist Reita..
I played guitar, went to buy a new, started playing different basses and loved the way it felt so I bought one

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