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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

One name, Flea.
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Two names: Paul McCartney and Jack Bruce.
Haha, 3 names.
Paul McCartney, Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton.
And the sound of the bass itself.
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My friend in college introduced me to Primus then let me try out his bass, I was powerless to resist the enticing sound of the E string. What else could I do but buy my own bass? I'm only human!
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Steve Harris with his foot up on the monitor doing his galloping triples. Maiden rocks.
Posts: 9
that and the fact I'm to old to shoot hoop anymore.
David J from Bauhaus. Jaco Pastorious, Stanley Clarke, Paul McCartney hell I just love the bass. It's an instrument you can hear and feel!!!!
it was a mixture of having the job to be the bassist when my family played rockband 1 and i was instantly taken in by the soundplus all the music i listen to has a heavy bass in it
One bassist that inspired me was, Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses. I believe he is very under-rated. Of course I HAVE to put in Steve Harris, and Cliff too.
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Some guys I had jammed with previously (on keys) needed a bass player. So I bought one and started learning their catalog. Turns out I enjoy it much more than keys or guitar.

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