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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

Initially started because I was obsessed with Primus as a child, but quit shortly thereafter. Wasn't until high school that Matt Freeman from ‘Rancid’ inspired me to start playing again.
Well, when I was 13 I loved Iron Maiden (I still do) and Steve Harris appeared on their videos as the one that kept it all going, so Christmas came along and I walked in to a music shop and brought my first and only bass; my Lancewood Elite. I have been obsessed with bass ever since and it plays a major part in my life…..UP THE IRONS!!!
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The list is too long:
Gene Simmons - Kiss
Steve Harris - Maiden
Alec Such - Jovi
I was into Ska and Regge but loved my metal and hard rock as well. I played in a Ska band in Australia for a few years until i broke my wrist and was in plaster for 18 months due to it not healing. i have just taken it back up as my eldest daughter is now playing bass in her school band and is the only bassist in the senior band in which she plays.

So there you go my story in a nut shell.
I think I can divide it in 3 phases
1. hearing Cliff Burton: man,when i found out that some of the most amazing riffs I've ever heard are actually a bass guitar…

2. getting more into grunge: the moment when I heard Would? by Alice in Chains was definitely the moment when i decided I would buy a bass…so much groove,that one

3. Tool: just sealed my decision furthermore…once again was I amazed by the bass riffs on Tool's records
Nikki Sixx !!!! and Motley Crue dude is a very good song writer. Im the founding member of Hooligan's Holiday a Motley Crue Cover band and its all thanks to Nikki Sixx.
Jean Jaques Burnel of the stranglers, first bass was a fender precision just like his, nothing else would do

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