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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

AFStriker, Geddy isn't a 5 star bassist? Whaaaat?
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Always wanted to jam with my uncle ( he plays guitar) . We jam a couple of times a year. It's fun as hell.
I'm not sure I could pick one influential player that led me to the bass. I always felt that the bass was the key to music and could always feel the heart and soul of it. I was probably led to the bass by playing the trombone for a couple years in the school band. I was fortunate to grow up listening to some great music, had a uncle who was an organ player and played a lot of CCR, Booker T and the MG's. It just flourished from there.
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Like allot of you it was by default. Played in a band through school and beyond as a drummer. Life got in the way and when I came back to music couldn't believe how many of the people I know through sports, work and buddies that play guitar, I can think of 16 off the top of my head… soon enough I started jamin with different guys but no bass players. I always liked the low end just no desire to play bass. then a loose group turns into a band, and this guy wants to play bass. Awesome right? well he flaked out and once again no bass player. Its true what someone already mentioned, you notice the absence of the bass even if its not prominent. Bass players are like hen's teeth around here and you cant swing a dead cat without hitting a guitar player… So I got pissed off and went out and bought one about 8 months ago. The rest is as they say is history… I have 4 of them know, upgraded my amp twice, effects pedals and even an acoustic/electric. Already played in front of people at parties and gatherings. Its fun, easy to tote around compared to a drum kit and can play around a camp fire. bringing the bass is as easy as bringing a cooler and just as important.
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Bass sound basically
Since my brain apparently can't cope with reading music and getting my fingers into chord configuration, I decided to try bass (going on the KISS principle, heh). Given I'm picking up simple riffs pretty quickly, I reckon it was a good call.
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