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What Inspired You To Play Bass?

Watching Geezer Butler play… And then Cliff Burton!
i got the beatles rock band and wanted to play bass….. then i stopped for a while until i found out about flea, victor wooten, and les claypool were! lol
My 6th grade music teacher, haha. Then, every great bass player and bass line took me over from there.
anthonysalyer - that's the shit! especially when you do it live
thnks johny havent went live yet but gotta be a rush if only our bands procrastination didnt get in the way
I started playing bass because if geezer butler from black sabbath
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I started 'cause of les claypool, and flea
les claypool and krist from nirvana. but my main reason is cos bass notes dont run together like a guitars do. bass has a way better sound
Just bought one yesterday, last played 19 years ago… stopped playing because I couldn't really afford it anymore. Now I'm an adult, have a job, and can afford it… so I'm picking it back up as a hobby.
Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. Also some inspiration from Lynz Way from Mindless Self Indulgence.
i picked up the bass cuzz everybody talks about jimmy hindrex and dimebag and all the greats now dont get me roung thay have earned there respect from me but you never here about fle or rex from pantara or the bassest i wanted to do something not everybody was doing

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