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Suggestions to improve the site

johnny [staff]
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It's justin bieber when he was a baby. that's how he looked when we created the forums.
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Oh yes, I remember that I promise you that I'd add that, then I forgot. I will try to get this done this week!
When will we get autoscroll, that was two weeks ago
Give him some time. Coding and programming aren’t easy to do. He will probably have it done soon enough.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Patience: not just people that a doctor treats.
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I'd love to think the ad revenue from the site is making Johnny rich, or at least feeding a very bad bass acquisition syndrome, but I have a feeling it barely covers the cost of the site.
Mr. Lon, I only want autoscroll so I can play ur tabs
Hello, I am the same person as Jor-El just as someone else
So I was thinking about this thing. What if there was some kind of stuff like lessons from the staff. For example not like the usual bass tab it would be more like a separate section where the staff of bigbasstabs would have cool lessons on how to play. So there might be a slap one or whatever. This is only an idea though. I can understand if staff don’t want to or don’t have time to. And idk how many ppl work on this website so idk if it’s possible to make many.
Posts: 508
There are dozens of good Bass Lesson sources on YouTube. Scott's Bass Lessons, TalkingBass, Bassbuzz - those are my regulars, and there are many more. PlayBassNow.com, DaveMarks, No Treble, Lessonface, Luke from Become a Bassist…

Some show you how to play a specific song, some are technique-based, definitely something for everyone.
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1884
The only lesson I'd ever care to teach:

Just play.

Knowing musical theory is great. Knowing the difference between a pentatonic scale and a phrygian scale is great. Knowing every note of every fret is great. But they mean nothing if you can't strap on your bass, play in key and keep rhythm. And the only way to learn those are to play, play, play.

Technique is priority #1. IMO, of course.

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