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Number of tabs submitted: 11
Number of posts on the forum: 533
Number of threads started: 17
Registered: 9 years ago


2019 Sadowsky Transparent Blue 4-21 Deluxe Satin Series Vintage
2021 Sadowsky MetroLine 5-21 Vintage PJ
2021 Sadowsky RSD MetroExpress 5-21 Vintage JJ
2015 Fender Special Deluxe Edition PJ
2020 Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass V HH
2009 Fender American Jazz
199? Charvel Surfcaster 425SL
1992 Peavey Foundation Fretless (defretted by a previous owner - like Jaco did his Fender Jazz)
1982 Peavey T-40
1982 Peavey T-20
2003 Music Man SUB

Roland Bass Microcube
1991 Peavey Minx 110 (blown driver replaced with an Eminence Legend BP102)
Acoustic B50c

Reign! - Church praise band
The Love Handles - special event church band

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