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Most influential metal album of the 80s?

Y'all are forgetting Judas Priest: Sad wings of Destiny, British Steel, ect…who not only pioneered the 2 guitar attack, but also set the style (studs and leather)for the 80's and beyond.

Sad Wings was a 70s album, great album but not 80s. As someone who was a headbanging teenager thru the 80s I can say without a doubt Metallica's Kill Em All was THE most influential album of that time. We had never heard anything like it previously, and it changed how we all looked at metal!
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I don't think Kill Em All was “influential” to the metal scene at all. I think it was new, yes. But not influential because it wasn't widely known at all. I don't think Metallica was really doing any sort of “influencing” other musicians until Master of Puppets came out in 86. That album really opened the eyes and ears of metal musicians for recognizing that metal wasn't about shredding notes as fast as you can, but to incorporate melodies and heavy doses of music theory (thanks to Cliff) into songs.

Master of Puppets gave Mettalica more notoriety that had people searching into the older albums (Ride the Lightning and Kill Em All) to find out more about this band.

Unless you were already deep into the underground metal scene at that time, you never heard or knew about Kill Em All.

And based on the interpretation of “influential” I'd say Master of Puppets did more for metal than Kill Em All did during that time.
Bullshit,without Kill Em All there would be no thrash scene. It was far from underground, everyone that liked metal knew this was the future of the genre. Master was their best album, but by that point they had already INFLUENCED a horde of lesser bands. I think you are confusing what was influential at the time with what is now considered influential. In the 80's Kill Em All was it.
You're full of shit! What about Dave Mustaine?! He drove them in that direction! Megadeth is better
Swollengoat, read Mustaine's book. I'm positive he said they were popular in LA. That's NOT the world. #UndergroundBands
Oh and by the way, Slayer was the same exact time period as Metallica so there was something like it, except heavier
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Guys, guys, look at us, squabbling and bickering, we never used to be like this
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According to Metal Rules website the top 3 are, Master of Puppets, Number of the Beast and Ride the Lightening. Metallica number one and number three, and remember kids, you can't say Metallica without saying Metal
Shitallixa. Alcoholica. BOOM! Showed you
That was supposed to say Shitallica…

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