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Most influential metal album of the 80s?

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“Playing speed metal for 30 years.”

Rock it as long as your back holds out!
Posts: 1103
WTF is up with double posts?!?!
Posts: 1103
WTF is up with triple posts?!?!?!?
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm only kidding Lon. But I'm not that hard headed. Come hit my skull with a sledge hammer

I would, but I have a feeling it would only bounce off. Maybe even break the sledgehammer.

I kid as well, Link. You're an okay kid. Mazel.
Thanks Lon. I think I'm just having a rough couple of days. Lol should be fine tomorrow.

Mark, I don't think my back will hold out that long.

Marko, GWAR is a friggin piece of trash. SEXCUSE ME THUR. War Party was a good album, though

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