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The introductions thread!

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Hi folks - long time lurker here. I've been playing bass off and on (more off than on) for a few years, but started practicing regularly last year. Loving testing out my progress with increasingly tricky tabs and seeing how much easier I'm finding stuff I struggled in the past. Mostly I noodle around with Black Sabbath and some (ahem) simple Rush bits but want to stretch things out a little and get more complex. I'm using this lock down time in the UK to play more, enjoying the peace of mind it gives me.
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like your site

how can i print the bass tabs that want to learn ?


maca lare
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Hi all, I'm a beginner, at the young age of 71. I have dabbled with a guitar back in the 70s, but after severing my tendon on my left pinky finger stopped playing. During the lockdown with this virus, I decided to try and pick up again, but this time with a bass. I found this brilliant site, has just what I am looking for.
thanks to all you guys who have contributed.
Lock down bass player played back in 70s and 80s in the same band until we just stopped never played since so thought why not do it again. So the virus has some good got me playing again although not with my 70s Fender Precision Bass which I miss.
Hi, my name is Jamie. I'm new here, and at school I played in a rock band.
I got my 1975 Fender P-bass when I was 14 or so and tried my best (*coff* not) to play rock. This was in 1985? 86? I jammed a bit with my stepdad's friends and picked up 12 bar blues and a few other things. As my teen years progressed, I played in a couple non-serious metal bands and later punk bands. But here's the thing. I never felt I had any talent. But I'd try. And I'd thump along.

Later still, I married into a bluegrass family, and my father in law constantly tried to get me to play. I did play some, but again, my self consciousness kept me from enjoying it and my self criticism kept me from working at it.

Anyway, now I am pushing 50, and I am like @$!# it. I'm going to play because nothing else gives me joy like music.
A very beginner here !
Started for about a month or so. I am able to play some fairly easy bass riffs like another one bites to dust. Just wanna know is my progress slow or just ok.

a very hard thing to practice is my left finger seemed to be very rebelious and is always flying all over the place. Any ways to train the precision for the left hand?
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Just keep going. The hardest thing about learning bass is staying with it. DONT GIVE UP ! It gets better.
LoudLon [moderator]
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There's no quick fix. You just need to keep practicing. Nobody picks up an instrument and instantly knows how to play it unless they're some kind of super rare prodigy. It's all about practice, discipline and repetition. Don't set any unrealistic goals for yourself, don't gauge your progress by comparing it to someone else's progress. It'll take you as long as it takes you. Just keep at it.
johnny [staff]
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what really gives me motivation are youtube videos of people who have been recording themselves from day 1 when starting an instrument to let's say day 1000 - it really makes a world of difference and goes to show that 99.99% of people became good by hard work

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