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BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread!

Other instruments… In my early teens I played keyboard; nothing special, just a hobby. Every now and then I play my good old Yamaha YPT-220. I also sometimes grab one of my son's guitars. I'm not good at guitar playing, but it's sufficient to play some punk rock…

Holidays, like Halloween, Xmas and New Year, are always an inspiration to do something extra…

LoudLon [moderator]
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Digging those Misfits covers. I've always loved that band, though I'm in the minority in that I prefer Graves Misfits over Danzig Misfits. Still, any Misfits is better than no Misfits. Good stuff, J!
It's always been a special band. They kind of created their own genre. Regarding the singer, I really don't care.
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Sleeves? A COAT??? What?????
Sleeves? A COAT??? What?????
Don't we all have our weak moments from time to time?
I've been a Rush fan since the late seventies. Here are a few attempts to cover Geddy's work. For these videos I used bassless tracks that I got from a friend.

I've also been a Motörhead fan since the seventies. After Lemmy had been kicked out of Hawkwind, he started his own band. In December 2015, just after turning 70, he died…

Status Quo, who doesn't know them? People often say their music is simple. Well it isn't!

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