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BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread!

LoudLon [moderator]
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As a show of appreciation for all his video contributions, I felt it was about time everyone's favorite low-end loving Nederlander was given his own thread to showcase his work. While all users are free to comment here, only The Sleeveless One himself can post videos in this thread. If you would like to share your own video work, you can post it here. Who knows? Maybe some day you'll post enough vids to earn your own thread, too.

It's all yours, Jay.

Thanks! I feel honored! Let's start off with one of my channel trailers. The rare upside-down lightning at the start of this video was recorded in front of my house in August 2015.
By the end of 2016 I started to produce chroma key (green screen) videos. Here's how it's done…
One of the greater achievements of a hobby bassist: I was invited by The Lillingtons to play bass, during their live show in The Netherlands. So the fifth of August, 2018 I met my friends backstage. On stage I took over the white T-Bird to play Lillington High for an audience of about 400. The bald guy with the glasses is a guitar playing friend who also was invited.
Speaking of the bald guy, he runs a YouTube channel as well. He's a great guitar player, who sometimes picks up the bass as well. Together we produced a few collaboration videos. He does the video, I do the sound mix. Here's an example…
My son is a gifted guitar player. On a few occasions we produced a video together. Here's one…
With some friends we produced a few so called band collabs. The drummer is a Canadian who was born in The Netherlands. The singer is a New Yorker. The guitar player lives in Amsterdam. The bassist lives very close to the lowest point in The Netherlands, 6.7 m below sea level. Here's a band collab!

When I had finished the work on the cheap Chinese P-Bass, I wanted to prove that a cheap, modified and well set-up bass can be a great instrument. Maybe I just wanted to show off as well.
Headstock camera! With a pair of clamps I managed to stick the camera to the headstock. Head dive guaranteed!
Two videos, one finger style, one picked…

Speaking of a regular pick, which I only use once or twice a year, I also use finger picks. It's a strange experience to play finger style without feeling the strings. Sometimes I appreciate the extra attack of a pick, while playing finger style. Here's another Motörhead cover…
mr zee
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