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Show your videos on YouTube

ThunderBassist Jay
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The title says it all: Show off! Get extra attention! Get the opinion of fellow bass players! Discuss technique!

A starter:
Okay, y'all will love my videos. My username is Slayerfan457
Not too bad
Oops, and this collab:
Not too bad
No problem, you seem cool
A little something from my channel:

And some of my less mainstream stuff and first song with the five string:
Nice, man! I remember doing Enter Sandman by Motörhead.
Posts: 180
This is something i came up with the other day.
it's not finished yet and i make a couple mistakes,
(plus the mic on my phone is pretty crappy)
but other than that i wanted to see what you guys thought about it.
maybe get some advice on where i could go with it.

35 seconds of bass fun

It isn't as fast as it looks on first sight.

Hello everyone!

This is me playing the awesome bass line from Fujiya & Miyagis “Collarbone” Any feedback is appreciated!

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