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What is the best kind of bass?

LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm currently using an Austin 4-string…

…not at all high-end, but gets the job done. In the past I've played on Fenders, Peavys and ESPs. Of those, I liked ESP the most.
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I have a Lakland, P-Style
How long does it take to make a bass?
ESP LTD F-154DX and its five string version, the F-155DX.
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How long does it take to make a bass?
Have a look on the Tech Guy thread, I'm building one and IamMark built one last year
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I have a Hohner (Steinberger)4 string electric. Sounds good and is very easy to play.

A Tacoma Olympia 4 string acoustic/electric. Also very nice - great brand, inexpensive model.

Lastly a Johnson 6 string electric. Cheap one I bought to try out a 6er.
My old Thunderbird, the vintage sunburst one, came with a case as well as the base and I got it for 75 dollars. It was basically brand new. Then last year I got a Jackson JS3 for 120, barely even used at all and no marks whatsoever.
$75 is only like £50, how old was it
everyone seems to like these thunderbirds, what's so good about them? do they have tripple pickups, or what?
they seem to go for $300 or £200 at the least
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The middle one (5 string) is the one Marko helped me make last year.

The left one is an American made G&L, and the 6 string is a mahogany boat anchor custom built at the Guitar Factory in Orlando, FL.

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