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What is the best kind of bass?

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My current bass is a short scale Fender Squier Jaguar bass, it's very new and I won't be needing a new one anytime soon, I was just interested in what basses everyone plays. Many of my friends play p basses and broncos, all from squier. What other brands and models do you like?
Only basses I care to play are Epiphone Thunderbirds and Jackson concert basses
Got a Fender Precision and a Jackson concert series. Love them both. I have heard great things about the Thunderbird as well.
cool basses cheekychuck. How much did they cost? Mine was only £195.
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I'd have to agree on the Thunderbirds. I own one and it's amazing, specially for the price
Not sure what the pound to dollar ratio is, but the Fender was $200 plus my Cort bass. The hardware is all Gotoh and added after. The Jackson, I traded an 80's Ibanez RD series and a distortion pedal. About $350-400 value.
It's £134.74, that's cheap! the jackson looks like about £250
what about amps? mine is a £90 small, basic laney amp
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My handmade jobby, my Stingray and Reggie loves them both. The answer to your question, the best Bass is the one you feel most comfortable with, does the neck profile fit your hands, does it balance will on a strap, is it not too heavy to play for long periods. Theres no such thing as a bad guitar anymore, everythings made by computers now, but you can get some thing really decent for around £250/300 from the likes of Ibanez, Yamaha, Fender Mexico and Epiphone to name but a few

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