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Bass challenge for this week

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This week's challenge will be YYZ by RUSH!
That song isn't too bad, actually. How bout some YYZ instead? Except I don't think any of is can do it. Lounge Act's only hard part was the chorus cause you can barely hear the bass
its just a challenge to hear people try the song next week will be a different band.
actually challenge accepted linkin.
im working on it now lol. I already knew the song 75% just need to tighten it up a bit. ill post it by tomorrow sometime
Hahaha my dad was always like “You can do it!” and I was like “What the hell dad, you come try to do this.” Lol I can't YYZ for crap

your turn link, anyone else who wants can join in too!!!!!!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Too rich for my blood. I've never tried YYZ before and I'm not about to embarrass myself by attempting to perfect it in a week LOL
lol did ya listen to mine?
Well since everyone is confused here im going to do both. Lounge act as well. you can do either or or both. lon is going to do nirvana because he just tabbed it lol

johnny [staff]
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nice sound, what did you use to record?

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