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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

Matt M
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In order : Paul McCartney - style ; John Entwistle - fingers ; John McVie - consistant ; John Deacon - quiet, to the point – in short , all ,,,,,
My favourite is probably Cliff Williams. This is simply because him and Phil are like mind readers the way they keep together. Anyway, just my opinion.
Thanks lol
louis johnson! funky. love his instrumental solos.
Geddy Lee, for obvious reasons. His driving melodic style is unique and inspiring - and, he SINGS while he's playing his very complex bass compositions (also playing keyboard in a few songs). He is the driving force of RUSH. He is amazing, and we should all bow down to Mr. Lee.
I have 2, Rock, Geddy Lee and Metal, Steve Harris. What they both have in common, there the driving force in their bands, without them we wouldn't have the awesome music they put together and it helps that their amazing bassist.
Do yourself a favour and look up Barry “Big Goose” Sullivan.
He played with australian blues band Chain in the early 70's. One of lifes most beautiful undiscovered gems.
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Chuck Rainey, Gary Willis, Tal Wilkenfeld, Gabe Nelson
Larry Graham, Chuck Rainey, James Jamerson, Bootsy Collins, & Louis Johnson
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Yolanda Charles…
OK maybe not favorite and man… she cooks. check her out http://thedeepmo.bandcamp.com/
You must like the funk.
Found out about her from ibass magazine on line. Issue #2

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