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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

Progressive Rock Era Geddy Lee
Punk - Modern Era Flea
American Jazz Stanley Clark

I'd have to say Flea from RHCP and Johnny Christ from A7X.
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Krist Novoselic
John Paul Jones
John Deacon
Good technique and style
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Mr. Cliff Burton because he sounds like him. the same for flea (except i don't really slap) and any other person who sounds like them and doesn't just regurgitate jaco or james jamerson etc etc. i want my sound to be mine and i dig all the ppl who make their sound theirs
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I'm not into hero worship, but I have found myself impressed by the bass playing of two late-1970s/early-1980s punk bassists: Ali McMordie of Stiff Little Fingers, and Pat Collier of The Vibrators. Both crafted interesting, intricate bass lines in punk songs before punk descended into measures of the same eighth note. Have a listen to Stiff Little Fingers' Nobody's Hero and Go For It! albums, and The Vibrators' Pure Mania album.
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Sorry, John Entwistle has to be the best there was with Brian Wilson playing a close second. They both truly know how to walk up and down the fretboard.

i agree except entwistle dint WALK the fretboard, he STOMPED all over it! still trying to play some of his lines,whew
les claypool all the way
I would have to say Larry Graham,Stanley Clarke,Marcus Miller,Victor Wooten, and Verdine White. Love their style of playing
Billy Sheehan! He really inspires me… I wanted learn to play bass because of Billy. He´s unique!
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Duff Mckegan,Ashley Purdy,Nikki Sixx,Lyn-Z,Gene Simmons,Johnny Christ …Basically anyone who has something unique about the way they play and how they deliver live

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