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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

Peter Fucking Hook
and that dude from Godstomper.
And Nikki Six is shite guys, c'mon
James Jamerson. Guess why?
Listen to the old Motown numbers, you'll understand
Jamerson was the only one who could play Gaye's “What's going on” bass part laying on the ground
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i can't believe anybody hasn't picked my fave. Adam Clayton from U2 is awesome!
Nikki Sixx ( Mötley Crüe ) and Rick Savage ( Def Leppard ) . They keep their plays kinda simple but they can play some harder things too . They are also very charismatic .
Jack Bruce & John Paul Jones. I love the live versions of I'm So Glad & Politician from Goodbye!
These guys are nothing. You want to hear some hot wild bass? Go back and check out some old Who,Yes, and Rush. Now that's some bass playing.
Clifford Lee Burton pioneer of distortion

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