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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

Posts: 98
Posts: 98
JJ Burnell Peaches the first song I learned to play

Jack Bruce
Bill Wyman
Suzie Quattro ??
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Aram Bedrosian, he has perfect technique.
steve harris has the best style
Ian Hill - Priest
Cliff Williams - AC/DC

Both keep it deep and simple.
Lyn-Z Way - Mindless Self Indulgence
Her style is amazing.
Sorry, John Entwistle has to be the best there was with Brian Wilson playing a close second. They both truly know how to walk up and down the fretboard.
steve harris or paul gray, my idols
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Billy Sheehan = Amazing
Flea, from the red hot chili peppers, I love how the bass part goes in a totally different way than the melody, but still totally supports it. Chili Peppers are awesome ether way

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