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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

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10 years ago
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When I saw the Flea vs. Justin debate people started getting off topic, so I figure I would start this post.

Mine is Mike Dirnt of Green Day, he has written some of the coolest, most recognizable bass lines.
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Mine would have to be cliff Burton, hes the reason i started playing the bass. when i heard orion i fel in love with that song. And Hes just a badass bassist. so sad he died at a young age.
les claypool…..that dude can wreck a bass…h eis the altimate player…nuff said
Peter Steele of Type O Negative. His sound is unique, so far no one has figured out exactly what his setup was, (at least that I've found)
Aram Bedrossian ….most melodic solo bassist on this planet he is beyond awesome his music is divine
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Geddy Lee…. And I'm a funk guy…..
steve harris he can gallop all fucking day and is a very well rounded player
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For me it's Tony Lewis of The Outfield. He keeps his bass lines simple but powerful. And he is very modest and enthusiastic when he plays! He is my reason for being a bass player!
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd! A man who can put raw emotion into his playing! For ever Floyd!
Dee Dee Ramone of the Ramones his bass lines are simple (pretty much the low end of what ever Johnny played) and that helped me realise learning wasn't as hard as i was making it, either him or Mike Watt from the Minutemen one hell of an inventive bass player
Tommy Joe Ratliff! He inspired me to start playng bass, and I love it.

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