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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

Les Claypool,I love the fast way that he pops and slaps on his bass. He amazing!!!!!
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Phil Small, I like the way he tells a complete story on the bass rather than a repetitive 12 bar 4 or 8 pluck tuck
dusty hill.hell of a performer
James Jamerson..He is the big daddy that all others come from
Cliff Burton because he came up with some amazing bass lines.
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I'm not saying she's the greatest but I think Tina Weymouth is often overlooked. So many Talking Heads songs have great yet simple basslines running through them. I mean who doesn"t love playing that Psycho Killer bass line?
I can't decide between Sid Vicious and Mike Dirnt.
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I can't decide between Sid Vicious and Mike Dirnt.
Sid couldn't play a note. It was Steve Jones played on NMTB. My own fave bass player is JJ Burnell of The Stranglers.
Mike Watt is the man.
Well it's mike dirnt for me

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