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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

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Tina Weymouth, Paul McCartney and Jack Bruce for me.
Steve Harris, of course. He instigated Iron Maiden and created his trademark ‘gallop’. He got me into bass playing and I love his music.
see below.
Chris squire from YES! Some innovative lines there.
And Jacko Pastorious for Jazz fusion/fretless..R.I.P.
Anyone with me on these?
Michael Peter Balzary aka Flea from RHCP
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Terry Butler,John Paul Jones, Flea, Steve Harris, to name a few
Chris Squire and Paul McC get my vote in the rock camp, while I think Jaco P and Stanley Clarke are outstanding in the jazz fusion world.
I think that Sid Vicious, Paul McCartney, Cliff Burton, Cliff Williams and Dave Ellfson (David Warren)
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Reika bassist from Japanese Rock band D=OUT.
Also, Reita bassist of the great Japanese Rock band THE GAZETTE. Both bassist are my influences.


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