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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

im all about jacko
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John Taylor … Duran Duran
First post here.

-Les Claypool because…well, LISTEN to the man play!

-Bootsy Collins because NO ONE can bend a bass note like Bootsy

-Chris Squire because he's tight within the group and would make this list just based on “Roundabout”

-Geddy Lee because it takes a hell of a bassist to keep up with Neil Peart…while SINGING!

-Bill Evans who needs no reason other than his work.
Darn. Forgot Larry Graham.

It's hard to narrow it down, isn't it?
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Rick Danko…..The effortless way he got around the fretboard and sang.
Spend a little time listening to THE BAND and you'll hear what I'm talking about.
Left the planet way to soon.
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Jack Bruce, riffmiester extraordinaire, Andy Rourke, Carlos Dengler, John Entwhistle and Ronnie Wood is a damn fine bassist
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Rudy Sarzo… been my fav seen i first saw him in 82… and have seen him with QR, BOC and ozzy… awesome guy to talk to as well, jsut dig the vibe… also really enjoy randy coven
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Guy Pratt. Main reason Icehouse but he has played for Pink Floyd & you gotta be good to get in that band.
Dee Dee Ramone
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gotta love the eternal Victor Wooten. plays his bass like a guitar, better than pretty much any guitarists. in a close second place, Sean Baisely. the fact he can shred a bass at a faster pace than the guitarist of his band, AND do badass sweeps and slap grooves at a pace of 300+ BPM… well that just says a lot for the guy, if just for his stamina and speed alone.

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