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upcoming gigs your attending

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Clutch in April, really looking forward to hearing some tunes from the excellent Earth Rocker album.
U.K.Subs in May, lead singer Charlie Harpers 70th Birthday!
Slayer in May and Crüe in August
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Last saw those two bands together at U.K. Sonisphere festival 2010
It was also my sons first festival aged 12 for all three days and he loved it
But it was the year I fell out of love with camping ,bed and shower required at my age
Which is fine as he thinks his old dad ain't so cool for gigs anymore
Btw his first gig was Alice cooper aged 9!
Gahhh gonna see Crüe and Alice? Rush was my first gig at age 10. Lots of fun!!!
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Yep hoping the coop and crue sho will hit the UK at some point.
My first gig was John Denver aged 8 but thats just between me and you!
And anyone that looks at this thread! I swear, I'm the only American on this site
LoudLon [moderator]
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Don't have any planned. The last show I saw was Emma King and the Heartsets, an indie pseudo-country/pop band. Emma has a great voice and the band was solid. Check them out of you get the chance.
Big gig wise, going to Rockin' The Rivers in
Threeforks Montana. Lots of bands, lots of good times.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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RHCP April 6 at 8PM !!
RHCP April 6 at 8PM !!

Probably won't see them again. Their setlists now are just kinda “Eh”.
They need to bring out the punk. Like a 20th anniversary tour

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