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upcoming gigs your attending

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Just saw Dream Theatre in Montreal
Posts: 624
Cheap Trick is next
Sweet. Cheap Trick. Saw them open for Tesla back in the day.
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Trying to get tickets (sold out) for Kate Bush in London. If I go I'm probably going to pay a small fortune!
Just saw Dream Theatre in Montreal
You suck Twiggy, big time.
Just saw Florida Georgia Line and Dallas Smith last night. Holy daisy duke and sundress batman. I love me some country girls
TheDude [staff]
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bringing this thread back because i liked it.

i'm going to QOTSA in about two weeks! hooray!

what about you guys?
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Next up for me at the end of August is Airbourne at the Concorde2 club in Brighton U.K.
Will be good to see them rocking such a small venue and always like going here as it has Guinness draught which is a rarity for most club type gigs
saw boz skaggs and san diego symphony last week and going to offspring and bad religion in a couple weeks
Kiss and Def Leppard saturday night

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