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The introductions thread!

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WELCOME antiduranduran & ihatemindlessmorons.
New blood, new points of views, always good. Love yer names, any reason for them?
Posts: 285
Seems a bit drastic DDF leaving. I saw his request to have his account deleted. He could have just stopped writing as had been doing of late. I hope he doesn't regret doing it
Yes i am new blood mayhem Hopefully I can offer new points of view, I'll try my best.
My name is dedicated to a few people at work & a couple of people I know scocially through friends. My name just sums these people up perfectly. It's not as drastic as I'm describing but it gets close at times!
Anyway you have a cool name too!
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My name sums up my life, one big ball of mayhem! I can relate to morons at work, I work with a few! I suppose we all put up with people like that
LoudLon [moderator]
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Not to involve myself in any kind of dissension, but if someone quit in a huff over something so trivial as another member's user name, maybe they could use some time away from the ‘net. But, hopefully they’ll get over it and come back.

I sure hope no one here is opposed to alliteration, because my user-name would piss them off somethin' awful.
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when it all comes down to it. it is alway about the music for me. someone could have a username that says NikkiSixxisDead"
I would ask them sure why the hell they would use a name like that even if they hated him but in the end i wouldn't give a shit because Nikki is my inspiration.

I agree with Loud on this, hopefully they come back and chat with us here but think about whats more important then a username.

We have own own little world here as bassists and since my journey on here oh about a month ago maybe longer, i have met some pretty cool people and for sure have been inspired by some and enjoy coming here each day to talk about something that is beyond a passion for me (Music) so i hope the person that took off comes back to chat with us someday
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How did your Ramones cover show go? Curious to know what your set list is. Cheers.

I still have a couple weeks to go before it happens…
The set list (I just posted it in the other thread, but here it is again)
Shock Treatment
53rd & 3rd'
Cretin hop
It's a long way back to Germany
Something to do
I wanna be your boyfriend
I wanna be sedated
johnny [staff]
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Hey guys, let's keep this thread for newcomers to introduce themselves. If you feel a need for some more discussions you're free to open new threads.
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Hi all

40 something old school punk and metal head here

a couple of years ago due to the kids getting a bit older and now having more free time on my hands i decided to take up the bass again after a gap of 24 years ,much to my wifes disappointment !

been playing with a jam band the past couple of years ,nothing serious just hiring the local village hall a couple of times a month having some beers and making a noise

got no aspirations to take things any further but it sure is fun
bass freak
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Welcome MotorMog

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